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Buildings are written first, followed by the number on the street. For apartments the order is street name, street number, floor level, and finally flat number. Street names might confuse as some are in Catalan and others in Spanish and some have two names.

Banks open from 8.30 - 14.00 from Monday to Friday, with some branches open on Saturday morning.

Barcelona Card
The Barcelona Card is issued by the Barcelona Tourist Office and includes free travel on public transport, discounts at museums, theatres, shops, restaurants and many other places. Some places are free with the Barcelona Card. The card can be purchased for varying number of days from Turisme de Barcelona in Pl. Catalunya and Pl. Sant Jaume.

Barcelona has a pleasant temperature all the year round and has sunshine all year. Given a choice May and June are the best months. July and August can be very hot.

Australia: Gran Via Carlos 111, 98 (93 330 9496)
Canada: Elisenda de Pinos, 10 (93 204 2700)
United Kingdom: Av. Diagnol, 477 (93 366 6200)
United States: Pg. Reina Elisenda, 23 (93 280 2227)

All businesses must have available a complaint form. Fill it out in the establishment leave one copy with the business and send the other to the consumer office at Ronda de Sant Pau, 43- 45, Barri Gotic (93 402 78 41).

Electrical current is 220 or 225 volts, 50Hz and uses the European style two-pin plugs.

Police, fire and ambulance are contacted by calling 112.

Centre d'Urgencies Perecamps: Avda Drassanes 13 0 15, Raval (93 441 06 00)
Hospital Clinic: Eixample (93 227 54 00)
Hospital Dos de Maig: C/Dos de Maig 301, Eixample (93 507 27 00)
Hospital del Mar: Passeig Maritim 25 -29 (93 248 30 00)

Internet cafes are all over Barcelona. If finding it difficult to find one then Easy Everything on La Rambla is "easy" to locate.

Barcelona has two official languages, Catalan and Spanish. Click here for some useful Spanish words.

The minimum age for drinking and smoking is 16. The age of consent is 13 and to drive you must be 18.

Spain 's official currency is the Euro.

The main papers are the La Vanguardia and El Periodico. Foreign papers are found at the kiosks on La Rambla. For visitors there is the free Barcelona Connect and paid for Catalonia Today.

Call 091 for national police and 092 for local police. For an emergency call 112. There is a 24 hour police station at La Rambla 43 where english speaking police can normally be found.

Public Holidays
New Years Day on 1st jan.
Three Kings Day on the 6 Jan
Good Friday and Easter Monday
Labour day in May
Whitsunday on the 31 May
Sant Joan on 24 June
Verge del'Assumpico on 15 August
Diada de Catalunya on 11 September
La Merce on 24 September
Dia de la Hispanitat on 12 October
All Saints day on 1 November
Constitution Day on 6 December
La Immaculada on 8 December
Christmas Day on 25 December and Boxing Day on 26 December

Barcelona is a friendly city with few violent crimes but pick pocketing is VERY COMMON. Most likely to happen in the Raval, La Ramblas, Estació del Nord and Sants Estació. Lone women should exercise caution in exploring the more isolated parts of Montjuïc. Pick pocketing is not violent but done well and you do stand every chance of losing your wallet, so please leave all valuables in your hotel safe! The metro can present a theft hazard at night so be cautious of travelling alone late at night. The city beaches also have common incidences of bag snatching.

The Basque terrorist group, ETA, declared a permanent cease fire beginning 24 March 2006. Be wary of strangers offering or asking for help of any kind. To call the National Police use 091 or 93 290 3326 and for Barcelona Police call 092 or 93 291 5092.

Sales Tax
Sales tax varies from 6 - 16%. non EU residents can claim back the sales tax if they buy an item from a shop that displays an EU tax free sticker and they spend more than 90.15 Euros. The shop will provide the document that you must then have stamped as you leave the EU and repayment will be organised in an agreed manner. For Barcelona airport the tax office is in Terminal A by the arrivals gate.

Smoking is controlled and no smoking is allowed in enclosed public spaces, areas where food is prepared and sold, public transport, designated areas of bars and restaurants, and any places that cater for children.

Local time is GMT +1 (GMT +2 between the last Sunday in March and the Saturday before the last Sunday in October). This means 6 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.

Hotel and restaurant bills usually include service charges, but additional tips are always welcomed. If you do tip add 5% to the bill, but do not tip if service has been poor. In a taxi 10% is sufficient if you feel the need to tip but is acceptable not to tip. Hotel porters expect to be tipped and 2 - 5 Euros is normal.

The international access code for Spain is +34. The outgoing code is 00. The "93" is needed for calls both within Barcelona and the rest of Spain. Watch out for numbers starting "806" as they are expensive premium numbers. Phone calls are not cheap in Spain.
General information: 010
International Directory Enquiries: 11825
National Directory Enquiries: 11818
Wake up calls: 093

Tourist Information
There are a number of tourist information offices around Barcelona.
Catalunya: Pl. de Catalunya.
Sant Jaume: Ciutat, 2
Estació de Sants: Pl. dels Paisos Catalans
Aeroport de Barcelona: Terminal A and B
Oficina Rambla: Rambla dels Estudis, 115
Cabina Sagrada Família: Pl. de la Sagrada Família
Cabina Colom: Pl. del Portal de la Pau
Cabina Placa Espanya: Pl.d'Espanya
Cabina Barceloneta: Pg. Joan de Borbo

Spain is one of the 15 countries which signed the Schengen agreement, but does not include UK or Ireland. Visa rules do change but at the moment nationals from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not need visas for short stays. Do check first!

Tap water is safe to drink

Anglican: St Georges Church, C/Horaci 38, Zona Alta. (93 417 88 67)
Catholic (in English): Parrpquia Maria Reina, Carretera d'Esplugues 103, Zona Alta (93 203 41 15)
Jewish: Sinagoga de Barcelona, C/Avenir 24, Zona Alta (93 209 31 47)
Muslim: Mosque Tarik Bin Ziad, C/Hospital 91, Raval (93 441 91 49)

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