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Listed are the main museums and art galleries in Barcelona. The listings are alphabetical and not in order of importance however we do suggest that you explore some of the less well known places and you will be well rewarded. Most museums make a small charge and many are free on the first Sunday of the month, discounts generally apply for children, students and senior citizens. Many museums are closed on Mondays.

The Articket gives entry to 6 major museums and art galleries with one visit for each one. Included are Fundació Miro; MACBA; MNAC; Espai Gaudi- La Pedrera; Fundació Tàpies and CCCB. Buy your Articket at Barcelona tourist offices or one of the 6 venues.

Casa Amatller
Amatller House was the home of Antoni Amatller and houses glass objects, medieval altarpieces and the original furnishings. Pg. de Gracia, 41, 08007, Barcelona (93 487 72 17). Use Metro station Passeig de Gracia. Admission is free.

Casa Batllo (Batllo House)
Built between 1904 and 1906 by Antoni Gaudi. The facade representing a calm sea hides a hidden world of architectural surprises such as ceramic roof tiles, ingenious use of light, parabolic arches in the attic and twisting ceilings. The top floors and rooftop are open to visitors. Pg. de Gracia 43, 08007, Barcelona (93 216 03 06). Use Metro Passieg de Gracia. Admission charges apply.

Casa Museum Gaudi (Gaudi House and Museum)
Built in 1904 as a show house for potential buyers at Parc Guell. Gaudi lived in the house until just before his death. Manu of his personal belongings are shown. The gardens surrounding the house were designed by Francesc Berenguer. Park Guell, Carretera del Carmel, 08024 Barcelona (93 485 99 00). Use Metro Lesseps on line 3. Admission charges apply.

CCCB Centre de Cultural Contemporània de Barcelona
A dynamic place with changing exhibitions and activities in an impressive architectural building. A focus is on innovation and experimentation. Montalegre, 5, 08001, Barcelona (93 306 41 00). Admission charges apply.

Centre D'Art Santa Monica
Santa Monica Arts Centre is housed in a former convent near the sea at the bottom of La Rambla. A collection of contemporary art with an emphasis on Catalan art. La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona (93 316 28 10). Use Metro station drassanes. Admission is free.

Cosmocaixa Museu de la Ciencia
The Cosmocaixa Science Museum has a number of thematic areas with the "Room of Matter"', "Geological Wall"; "Flooded Forest" and "Planetarium. Teodor Roviralta, 47-51, 08022, Barcelona (93 212 60 50). Admission charges apply.

Fundació Antoni Tàpies
A collection of works by Antoni Tàpies with a number of changing of exhibitions. Arago, 255, 08007, Barcelona (93 487 03 15). Use Metro Passeig de Gracia. Admission charges apply.

Fundació Cuixart
The Cuixart Foundation operate this gallery to show the creativity of the artist. Placeta Montacada, 7, 08003, Barcelona (93 319 19 47). Use Metro station Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Fundació Foto Colectania
A collection of works by over 45 photographers. Julian Romea, 6, 08006, Barcelona (9321716 26). Use Metro station Diagonal. Admission is free.

Fundació Fran Daurel
The Fran Daurel collection is a collection of Catalan art with works by Dali, Perejaume, Cuixart and Picasso amongst others. Av del Marques de Comillas,Poble Espanyol, 08038, Barcelona (93 423 41 72). Use Metro Espanya. Admission is free.

Fundació Francisco Godia
The Francisco Goidia is a collection of medieval art, ceramics and modern paintings assembled by Francisco Goida Sales. Valencia, 284, pral, 08007, Barcelona (93 272 31 80). Metro station Passeig de Gracia. Admission charges apply.

Fundació Joan Brossa
The foundation the work of poet Joan Brossa. Provenca, 318, baixos, 08037, Barcelona (93 467 69 52). Use Metro station Diagonal. Free admission.

Galeria Olimpica
The Olympic Gallery re-lives the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona with audio visual shows and objects used during the opening and closing ceremonies. Estadi Olimpic, Pg Olimpic, 08038 Barcelona (93 426 06 60). Use Metro station Espanya. Admission charges apply.

Joan Miró Museum
This museum is dedicated to Joan Miró with his numerous paintings, sculptures and sketches. The building is located in Montjuïc Park and designed by Josep lluis Sert. The museum often has other temporary exhibitions devoted to contemporary art. Located at Av Miramar, Parc de Montjuic, Barcelona (93 443 94 70). Use the Funicular de Montjuic. Admission charges apply.

La Pedrera - Fundació Caixa Catalunya
La Pedrera is one of Gaudi's masterpieces built between 1905 and 1910. The interior gives a picture of the life of the Milà family. Characterized by the strange undulating rooftop and wrought ironwork. Inside is an exhibition of Gaudi's work. Passeig de Gracia, 92, 08008, Barcelona (93 484 55 30). Use Metro station Diagnol. Admission charges apply.

La Pedrera

MACBA Museu d'Art Contemporània de Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art)
A collection of contemporary art going back 50 years. Exhibitions change during the year. A modern building designed by Richard Meier that contrast with the surrounding traditional buildings in the centre of Barcelona. The forecourts are well used by skateboarders and features on numerous skateboard films. Pl. dels Angels, 1 08001, Barcelona (93 412 08 10). Use Metro station Catalunya.

An unconventional exhibition space which explores all forms of art experimentation. Fusina, 9, 08003, Barcelona (93 268 42 98). Use Metro station Arc de Triomf. Admission is free.

Museu Barbier - Mueller
The Barbier - Muller Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is dedicated to pre-Columbian works from 1500 BC to the 16th Century. A good collection of early American cultures housed in a Gothic mansion. Exhibits include sculptures,ceramics, tapestries and silverware. (93 3104516). Use Metro station Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Museu Casa Taller Durancamps
Learn about Rafael Durancamps, view his drawings and paintings and observe some of his personal objects in this museum. Av .Diagnol, 407 entry,1a, 08008, Barcelona (93 415 39 11). Use Metro station Diagonal. Admission is free.

Museu D'Arqueologia de Catalunya
The Museum of Archaelogy of Catalonia travels from prehistoric man to the medieval times. Pg. de Santa Madrona, 39 - 41, 08038, Barcelona (93 424 65 77). Use Metro station Espanya. Admission charges apply.

Museu de Carrossess Funebres
The Funeral Carriage Museum is in the basement of the Barcelona Municipal Funeral Services and has a good collection of funeral carriages and hearses. Sancho d'Avila, 2 08018, Barcelona. (93 484 17 00). use Metro station Marina. Admission is free.

Museu de Carruatges
The Carriage Museum is a collection of wagons and carriages and provides an insight into the early years of wheeled transport. Pl. de Josep Pallach 8, 08035 Barcelona (93 317 26 49). Use Metro station Mudet.

Museu de Ceramica
Housed in Palau Reial de Pedralbes a collection of decorated Spanish ceramics with ceramics by Picasso and Miro. Av. Diagnol, 686. 08034, Barcelona. (93 280 16 21). Use metro Palau Reial. Admission charges apply.

Museu de Sciences Naturals (Geology Building)
The Geology Museum is the oldest public museum in Barcelona and founded in 1878. A collection of minerals, paleontology and petrology. Parc de la Ciutadella, 08003, Barcelona (93 319 69 12). Use metro station Barceloneta.

Museu de Ciencies Naturals (Zoology Building)
Housed in the impressive 'Castell dels Tres Dragons' built for the 1888 Universal exhibition. Parc de la Ciutadella, 08003, Barcelona (93 319 69 12). Use Metro station Arc de Triomf. Admission charges apply.

Museu de La Música
The Music Museum is on the second floor of the L'Auditori. A collection of instruments and musical documents with audio visual displays. The museum caters for all music tastes. Padilla, 155, Edifici l'Auditori, 08013, Barcelona (93 265 36 50). Use Metro station Marina. Admission charges apply.

Museu de L'Esport Dr Melcior Colet
Dr Melcior Colet Sports Museum is dedicated to the world of sport. Buenos Aires, 56 - 58 08036 Barcelona (93 419 22 32). Use Metro Hospital Clinic. Admission free.

Museum de Les Arts Decoratives
The Museum of Decorative Arts displays household items from the medieval period to contemporary. Av. Diagonal, 686, 08034, Barcelona. (93 280 50 24). Use Metro station Palau Reial. Admission charges apply.

Museum de l'Eròtica de Barcelona
A museum devoted to the early erotic arts. Included are S$M apparatus and another such displays. La Rambla 96, bis, 08002, Barcelona (93 318 98 65). Use Metro station Catalunya. Admission charges apply.

Museu de La Xocolata
The Chocolate Museum shows how chocolate is made and housed in the former Sant Agusti Convent. Comerc, 36, 08003, Barcelona (93 268 78 78). Use metro station Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Museu del Calcat
The footwear museum showcases an unusual collection of shoes including the boots used by the first Everest team. Sancho d'Avila 2, 08018 Barcelona (93 484 17 00). Pl. de Sant Felip Neri, 5 08002 Barcelona (93 301 45 33). Metro station Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Museu del Futbol Club Barcelona
The Barcelona Football Club Museum is located in the main stand of the Nou Camp. Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe. The museum explains the history of the club and houses many trophies. The tour includes a visit to the dressing area. Av. Aristides Maillol, 08028, Barcelona (93 496 36 08). Use Metro Collblanc. Admission charges apply.

Museu del Perfum
The Perfume Museum showcases perfumes from around the world. Pg. de Gracia, 39, 08007 Barcelona. Use Metro station Passeig de Gracia. Admission charges apply.

Museu del Rei de La Magia
The King of Magic Museum with displays, tricks and posters. Shows are provided on Saturday and Sunday in Spanish. C/de L'Oli, 6 08003, Barcelona. (93 319 73 93) Use Metro station Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Museu dels Automats
Robots and automats from around the world. In addition there are mechanical games and coin operated figures. Parc d'Attractions, Tibidabo, pl. del Tibidabo, 3 and 4, 08035, Barcelona. (93 211 79 82). Admission charges apply.

Museu Etnologic
The Museum of Ethnology is organised into "origins" and "peoples". Pg. de Santa Madrona, 08038, Barcelona (93 424 68 07). Use Metro station Espanya. Admission charges apply.

Museu Diocesa de Barcelona
The Pia Almonia Barcelona Diocesan Museum is set into the Roman wall next to the Cathedral, the large collection spans the Visigothic and Roman eras to the 21st Century. la Cathedral, 4, 08002 Barcelona (93 315 22 13). Metro station Jaume 1. Admission charges apply.

Museu Egipci
The Egyptian Museum houses the Jordi Clos Egyptian Archaelogy Collection. Valencia, 284, 08007, Barcelona (93 488 01 88). Use Metro Passeig de Gracia.

Museu Frederic Mares
Frederic Mares donated his collection of works and objects to the city. Part of the museum is devoted to sculpture that dates back to the pre-Roman period and the other part showcases everyday objects from the 19th Century. Pl. de Sant lu, 5 - 6, 08002 Barcelona (93 310 41 16). Metro station Jaume.

Museu Militar de Montjuic
Montjuic Military Museum is inside the Montjuic Castle built in 1779. Castell de Montjuic, 08038, Barcelona (93 329 86 13). Use Metro station Espanya. Admission charges apply.

Museu Monestir De Pedralbes
A view of monastic life with church and monastery. Baixada del Monestir, 9, 08034 Barcelona (93 203 92 82). Admission charges apply.

Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya (MNAC)
The National Art Museum of Catalonia preserves the wall frescos of a great part of the Romanic churches in Pirineos and a collection of Romanesque art. A collection that spans over 1000 years. Works by Ramon Casas, Santiago Rusinol and Antoni Gaudi are displayed. At the end of the museum is an avant-garde sculpture collection including pieces from Juli Gonzalez. Located at Palau Nacional,Parc de Montjuic, 08038, Barcelona. (93 622 03 75). Metro station Espanya. Admission charges apply.

Museu Picasso
A good collection of Picasso's early paintings housed in two medieval palaces. Pablo Picasso spent the period 1901 1906 in Barcelona, his formative years. Located at Montcada, 15- 23, 08003, Barcelona (93 319 63 10). Metro station Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Museu d'Història de Catalunya ( Catalonia 's Museum of History)
The history of the Catalans is housed in part of the Palau de Mar a former commercial warehouse in Barcelona harbour. A well set up museum with interactive exhibits, authentic recreations and the top floor provides views over the Port Vell. Pl. de Pau Vila, 3 Palau de Mar, 08003 Barcelona (93 225 47 00). Use Metro station Barceloneta. Admission charges apply.

Museum of the City of Barcelona
Provides access to underground Roman ruins and a complex of historic buildings in the centre of the Gothic Quarter. Pl. del Rei 08002, Barcelona (93 315 11 11. Use Metro station Catalunya. Admission charges apply.

Museu Mariitim
The original Royal shipyards now houses an extensive maritime display. Located at Av de lae Drassanes, 08001, Barcelona (93 342 99 20). Use metro station Drassanes. Admission charges apply.

Museu Textil I D'Indumentaria
The Textile and Fashion museum is in a medieval mansion on Carrer Montcada and presents textiles and fashion over the ages. Montcada, 12- 14, 08003, Barcelona (93 319 76 03). Metro Jaume. Admission charges apply.

Palau de La Virreina
The gallery is a collection of photographs by Xavier Miserachs who died in 1998. La Rambla, 99, 08002, Barcelona (93 316 10 00). Use Metro station Liceu. Admission is free.

Palau Guell
Built by Gaudi to represent a small palace with lavish decoration. The facade in contrast is austere and hard to see in the narrow street. The basement was a stable and garage for carriages. The rooftop is very Gaudi with conical chimneys richly decorated. Nou de la Rambla, 3

Palau Robert
Robert Palace has changing exhibitions along with tourist and cultural information on Catalonia. Gracia, 107, 08008, Barcelona (93 238 80 91). Use Metro station Diagnol. Admission is free.

Pavello Mies Van Der Rohe (Mies Van der Rohe Pavillion)
A major building designed by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe located in Montjuic Park. A building that defined aspects of modern architecture with it's innovative structure that redefined the use of space. Av.del Marques de Comillas, Parc de Montjuic, 08038, Barcelona (93 423 40 16). Use Metro station Espanya. Admission charges apply.

Wax Museum
Easily found on La Rambla the Museu de Cera displays over 300 wax models displayed in various elaborate settings. Ptge. de la Banca, 7 08002, 08002 Barcelona (93 317 26 49). Metro station Drassanes. Admission charges apply.

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