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Barcelona has come to be known in the skateboarding community as the world capital for skateboarding, its smooth streets, amazing stateable terrain, relaxed culture and friendly locals offer one of the worlds greatest street skateboarding spots.

Barcelona’s Metro underground rail system provides easy access to most of the well known spots around the city.

Many of the spots below you may recognise from skateboarding videos from around the world.
MACBA Barcelona
Barcelona MACBA
The MACBA 4 Stair
MACBA Ledges

MACBA (Museum for Contemporary Art) near the city centre the MACBA is open for skateboarding on Sunday and Tuesday, here you will find a famous huge 4 stair and ledges drops and stairs.

Universitat plaza nearby to MACBA you will find three long smooth stone benches and other obstacles.

Paral-lel is on the green Metro line and a few hundred meters from the station is Parallel a spot with many manual pads, ledges, a few drops, a stage with a ledge, a long slope, benches and a long metal structure.

Forum nearby the Forum stop on the yellow metro line as you head towards the ocean there is a famous structure for doing manuals on and tricks on the banks nearby there is a skate park, close by you will find huge wave like structures, also in this area there are large stairs and ledges, a great area for exploring.

Sants Station (Sants Estacio) is a few stops on from Paral-lel on the green Metro line, it offers two great skate spots on either side of the station, on one side there are several stone benches, a long flat ground rail, a three stair, ledges and drops, a large area of this skate spot is roofed. On the other side of the station is a famous manual pad and a set of stairs with a drop at the end. Sants Station is a place where many skateboarders hang out and session the many obstacles.

Los Porchus is an area with wave like bumps with a fence at the end.

There are many other skate spots around the city for many types of skating it just takes a little exploring. Have fun!



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