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Barcelona tours

Tourist information

Barcelona tours

Barcelona tourist information is certainly going to come in handy if you are visiting Spain's most cosmopolitan city. Gothic architecture, bizarre buildings and bars and clubs that are always packed welcome travellers year-round. This is a city you can visit for a quick weekend getaway or a three month time out from your busy life and never run out of things to do.

Barcelona offers a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, humid winters. If you are visiting June through August and looking for tourist information regarding weather, you will enjoy an average temperature of 26.6°C with minimal rain. September and October see the most rainfall while January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 13.4°C which is still quite pleasant for sightseeing.

Taxis are readily available in Barcelona. You can flag them on the street and many even take credit cards. Three-wheeled cycle taxis are available from March through November around the waterfront area and can accommodate up to two people.

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If you need tourist information regarding getting around that's not as costly as taxis can be sometimes, you should know Barcelona has quite a local public transport network consisting of modern trams, buses and the metro. The Barcelona Metro Network has 11 lines, all colour-coded so they are easy to recognize and determine which one you should be on. The TRAMMET can take you quickly from one end of the city to another while aerial cable cars run over the port.

The most budget-friendly way to explore the city is by bicycle. The Barcelona City Council started this spectacular service in 2007 allowing a user to subscribe to the service and then they can take a bike to use from more than 100 stations located throughout the city. If you are visiting for an extended period of time, it is worthwhile to subscribe. Otherwise, you can rent bicycles at many locations.

ATMs are in abundance all over Barcelona and nearly everyone takes credit cards. Currency here is euro and although you can exchange at banks, you can often get a bit of a better rate at foreign exchange offices.

The two languages you will most commonly find in Barcelona are Catalan and Spanish. If you need tourist information regarding language because you are from an English-speaking country, you will be happy to know that English is spoken in touristy areas. Keep in mind, Barcelona is quite a cosmopolitan European city that sees millions of tourist annually from all over the world so communicating is typically not a problem unless you stray out of the city limits.

Like other popular tourist destinations, petty theft can be an issue, especially on busy public transport. Exercise caution by keeping wallets in front pockets and purses hung across the body and you are less attractive to thieves. If you have an emergency, police and medical can be reached by dialling 112 from any phone.


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